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earthtek packaged plants

We design and manufacture the Sabre extended aeration, activated sludge, sequencing batch reactor (SBR) treatment plant. The Sabre SBR is a fill and draw process that provides great flexibility for varying flows and treatment efficiencies. We offer the Amber attached-growth, moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) package plant for stand-alone or remedial treatment. We also offer a septic tank pump (STEP) collection system that provides primary treatment and effluent transport from homes and businesses to a central location.

Complete Wastewater Treatment Packages


Complete Wastewater Treatment Packages earthtek provides primary treatment equipment such as influent screens, primary treatment tanks, sludge removal, and aerobic digestion. Tertiary treatment systems include mechanical filtration systems, pressure sand filters, vertical cloth filters, and membrane filtration. Disinfection systems include liquid chlorine and UV disinfection. Other equipment typically provided includes PLC control systems with remote monitoring capability, flow meters, post aeration, and composite samplers. 

The Sabre SBR

earthtek sabre SBR packaged Plants

The Sabre SBR is typically provided in buried or above-ground fiberglass tanks with treatment capacity up to about 200,000 gpd. It is usually preceded by primary treatment and storage that allows single-tank SBR operation with no inflow during the settling process. Larger package systems can also be provided in aboveground steel tanks. All of the Sabre SBR’s utilize separate mixing and aeration to provide denitrification for alkalinity recovery and filamentous control for better settling.

The Amber MBBR

earthtek amber MBBR packaged palnts

The Amber MBBR treatment plants are attached-growth biological treatment processes that use special carriers suspended in the wastewater in order to create a large surface area for biofilm growth. The MBBR plants can be designed as a stand-alone treatment processes or can proceed or follow other processes to provide pre-treatment, effluent polishing, nitrification, or nutrient reduction. The MBBR process is also typically used for industrial wastewater treatment


septic tank effluent pump earthtek packaged plants

With an earthtek septic tank effluent pump (STEP) collection system, raw sewage flows from the house or business to an underground, watertight fiberglass tank for primary treatment. Only the filtered liquid is discharged by a small pump through shallow, small diameter collection lines that follow the contour of the ground. Solids remain in the tank for anaerobic digestion and are typically pumped only once every 10-12 years. The tanks are watertight, lightweight, and cost effective.