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FujiClean Advanced treatment unit nutrient reduction nitrogen reduction aerobic anaerobic septic

FujiClean Advanced Treatment Unit

Nitrogen Reduction Ready "right out of the box".

Welcome to Messina & Associates. We offer Fuji Clean USA - a U.S. based subsidiary of Fuji Clean Co.  Ltd. of Japan, the world leading manufacturer of onsite wastewater  treatment systems. 

We offer the Florida market a full line of break-through Fuji Clean  Model “CE” and "CEN” treatment systems - high-performance, dependable,  compact, efficient and cost effective.  We also offer a complete line of  best-in-class MAC “R” Series air blowers, which are durable, efficient, quiet and very competitively priced. 

Whether you’re a system designer, engineer, homeowner, installer,  regulator, environmentalist or fellow wastewater worker, you understand  that wastewater is local and that is why we pride ourselves on being the biggest and highest qualified local distributor. We offer onsite training and certifications at no cost to our Florida Customers. Messina & Associates are wastewater experts focused on responsive, customer-centered service.

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 World’s #1 treatment system with standard and nutrient reduction models to treat flows up to 8 bedrooms. 

FujiMac Air Pump Information
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"Yep, fits in the back of a pick up truck."


Construction Notes

drip system

Complete Packaged Drip Systems



We will design and  build most any onsite wastewater or water system controller that is  typically used today. We become involved with the  entire operation of the system whether it be potable water, process  water, or wastewater.  We have on-staff Professional Engineers,  designers, soils scientists, and trained sales people with  state-of-the-art experience in control systems.

Our objective is to provide the most practical,  economical, and efficient control device for fluid handling.   We  inventory many standard application controls and are able to manufacture  special application panels in a very timely manner due to our modular  design and manufacturing methods.


We provide  many specialty On-Site Wastewater system packages including  Re-circulation Sand Filter components, pump station equipment, and  State-Of-The-Art Perc-Rite® Drip Dispersal Systems incorporating  automatic field flushing, disc filter back-flushing, data logging, and  pressure compensating emitters. We can fabricate from plans most  any skid mounted pump control system, test it in house and ship the  complete assembly.


We provide  many specialty On-Site Wastewater products including the Perc-Rite® Drip  Dispersal System, Bull Run™ Valve, Dial-A-Flow™, Cool Guide™,  Distribution Boxes, accessories and Controls.  We can provide as  an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) many other products unique to  the On-Site Industry.

The Products Catalog is used  throughout the industry not only for purchasing, but for reference and  education.  If an individual desires a product not shown in the catalog,  a toll free call to our 800 number will normally result in getting  information about the desired product.

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Control System Design

Due to our extensive knowledge of water and  wastewater systems we can work with  your design team to design a control system to automate any  hydro-electrical process. Upon completion of the design you will be  provided with AutoCAD drawings, back-plate layouts and a complete  sequence of operation.

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