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FujiMac Blower


FujiMAC diaphragm air pumps are built to last.


The most quiet and energy efficient diaphragm air  pump is also  the most rugged and longest lasting. And when it does need maintenance,  15 minutes with a few simple tools will have your pump ready for years  more reliable service.

  • Compact – high quality  Japanese internal components, including a small powerful rare earth  magnet means FujiMAC is smaller than competing pumps
  • Oil less – a floating rare  earth magnet and two proprietary synthetic diaphragms are the only  moving parts, which means no pistons, bearings or other wear items.
  • Built in safety switch –  FujiMAC air pumps all feature a reliable electrical circuit breaker.  The  resettable switch will interrupt pump power in the event of a  diaphragm failure to prevent internal damage.  This allows a simple and  quick rebuilt rather than pump replacement.
  • Easy maintenance – FujiMAC pumps can be rebuilt in approximately 15 minutes using two common hand tools.
  • Stable air flow – FujiMAC  performance does not not degrade over time, ensuring reliable wastewater  treatment . These pumps are also not subject to uneven air pulses, but  instead deliver smooth even airflow.
  • Convenient sizes – FujiMAC  pumps come in two physical sizes, and the six pumps in the model range  share many internal parts, which makes stocking spares an easy task. The  FujiMAC model designation indicates the pumps air production in liters  per minute.


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Here are few reasons why FujiMAC is an excellent investment.

  • Made in Japan. In an era when so many products are outsourced to  less developed countries to save money, FujiMAC is unique in its  uncompromising focus on high quality Japanese components and assembly.

  • FujiMAC pumps are industry leaders for a reason, and we back up our  products with an unmatched two year manufacturers replacement warranty.

  • FujiMAC air pumps are sold direct to distributors, with protected territories to ensure margins are stable and reliable.

  • Selling FujiMAC air pumps is not a sideline. We are wholly focused  on selling our products, and distributor  support from  FujiMAC Air  Pumps Ltd  is unmatched. Factory representatives are on the ground in  the US and Canada, and we are committed to assisting our distributors in  increasing sales and retaining satisfied customers.

FujiMAC  diaphragm air pumps are industry leaders in energy consumption, using  higher quality internal components to reduce the weight of moving parts  and reducing internal temperatures.

This allows FujiMAC to achieve  superior performance for less energy consumption. The FujiMAC 80 RII  uses about the same power as a 50 watt light bulb.

FujiMAC  pumps are designed to run reliably in the 110 degree Japanese summer.  Advances in cooling technology allows FujiMAC to operate at temperatures  up to 15 degrees lower than competing pumps, which translates into  extra years of reliable service.

FujiMAC  is quiet. Unlike some wastewater pumps that require elaborate noise  suppression enclosures and other compromises, FujiMAC pumps produce as  little as 37 decibels, or as quiet as a whisper in a library.

FujiMAC pumps are small, with two taking up the same space on a warehouse shelf or a service truck as a single competing pump.