Attn: ATU installers. DEP Incentive for PFA/BMAP ask us how!

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Fuji Clean Quick Overview

Our world class technology is the reason

we are #1 in onsite wastewater treatment worldwide.

Fuji Clean USA - Tuf-Tite Riser Installation

 Please watch our Maine Distributor show his method of installing  Tuf-Tite risers on our Fuji Clean USA wastewater treatment tanks. Our  ATU's may also be outfitted with Polylok risers, so you have a choice! 

Fuji Clean USA - Operation & Maintenance

 Details for performing scheduled 6 month maintenance on all Fuji Clean  USA models, including our new CE6KG Commercial Model. You'll find this  video easy to follow - it will strengthen your knowledge that our Fuji  Clean USA systems are designed to clean wastewater efficiently and  cost-effectively! 

Replacing MacBlower Diaphragms

 Detailed instructions on how to easily replace our blower diaphragms.  This can be done in the field, or we recommend that you keep an extra  blower in stock to swap in the field and repair in the shop. We have  repair kits available at all times for purchase. 

Fuji Clean USA - MACBlowers How To Install

Detailed Video Of FujiMac Blower Manufacturing And Installation